Van Wijnen starts project to make 87 Vesteda homes in Tuindorp-Oost more sustainable

Commissioned by Vesteda, construction firm Van Wijnen is set to start in mid-September on a renovation project to make the Tuindorp complex in Utrecht more sustainable. This complex consists of 87 houses dating from the 1930s with energy labels ranging from D to G. The maintenance and energy-saving measures should ultimately lead to a 50% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This is expected to lead to a substantial improvement in energy label to A or A+.

Maintenance and improved sustainability
The work includes replacing the roofs and gutters, insulating the roof from the outside and adding solar panels. Other energy-saving measures include installing HR++ glass, insulating both cavity walls and crawl spaces, plus the installation of mechanical ventilation. These measures will improve the insulation of the houses, making them more energy efficient and, most importantly, more comfortable for residents to live in. In addition, Van Wijnen will carry out maintenance work on the dormers, balconies and on the masonry of the facades. Residents say they are enthusiastically looking forward to all the improvements that will soon enable them to live in completely refurbished, comfortable and energy-efficient homes.

Preservation of existing greenery
Vesteda and the Struikroven foundation have joined forces to make the preservation and reuse of existing greenery the norm in construction projects. During the work on this project, Van Wijnen will need to erect scaffolding in the gardens, displacing some shrubs and plants. Volunteers from the Struikroven foundation, also known as Struikrovers (shrub bandits), are helping residents to temporarily remove plants and shrubs from their gardens so they can be replanted later.

René Tim, head of Acquisitions & Development

By improving the sustainability of this characteristic property, Vesteda is making another significant contribution to the sustainability of its entire residential portfolio. This means we can offer residents comfortable homes that are ready for the future.

René Tim, head of Acquisitions & Development