Vesteda achieves global top position in sustainability


Since this morning, Vesteda is a GRESB Global Sector Leader Residential. This is the first time Vesteda has achieved this global top position in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. On 1 October, Vesteda had already been awarded a five-star status and the top position in its reference group in the Netherlands and Europe.

Gertjan van der Baan is proud of this achievement: "This is great news. In 2015, Vesteda ranked last in the Netherlands. That was a wake-up call for us and prompted us to devote more attention and money to the sustainability of our portfolio and our ESG strategy. These huge investments have been increasingly paying off in recent years. We now have the largest BREEAM-certified real estate portfolio in the world, and in the coming years we will focus even more on reducing the energy demand per home and outperforming the Paris Agreement. Our shareholders: pension funds and insurers, have given us €200 million to fund these efforts over the next few years."

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB: “GRESB Sector Leaders embody the industry’s champions, leading the charge towards a net-zero future and propelling the sector forward. We wholeheartedly commend this year’s Sector Leaders for their dedication, leadership and commitment to ESG principles and sustainability.”

Vesteda’s total score rose to 96 points, from 88 points in 2022. By 2030, Vesteda aims to cut its energy consumption by 55% compared with 1990. In the coming years, Vesteda will focus on making residential complexes with high energy consumption more sustainable, installing almost 10,000 solar panels a year in the period 2023-2027, taking measures to mitigate climate risks and involving tenants in the reduction of their energy consumption. By doing this, Vesteda will ensure the availability of affordable, sustainable and climate-proof rental housing and a better quality of life in Dutch neighbourhoods.