Vesteda offers homeless youth shelter through 'Warm Thuis'

Stichting De Herberg (Breda) and Vesteda signed a first rental agreement as part of the ‘Warm Thuis’-initiative. This initiative aims to help homeless young people aged between 18 and 27 live independently as much as possible. On 3 July, the first people will move into a Vesteda house, where they will have their own bedroom and a shared kitchen and bathroom.

More and more young people are becoming homeless. Meanwhile, one in five homeless people is a young person between the ages of 18 and 27. Vesteda therefore considers Stichting De Herberg's Warm Thuis initiative of great social value. By renting out a home, young people can work on their future under the professional guidance of De Herberg. The Warm Thuis programme lasts one year. During that period, the young people, who often come from a youth institution or are dealing with an unstable (home) situation, can unwind, work on their recovery and look forward to permanent housing.

Vesteda also already cooperates with Stichting De Herberg in another initiative: Onder de Pannen. Through Onder de Pannen, Vesteda tenants can sublet rooms to people who lose their homes due to circumstances, such as divorce, job loss or bankruptcy.