Vesteda rents increasing number of homes to people in social professions

In the recently completed De Regent new-build complex in The Hague, a third of new tenants work in education, healthcare, the police force or fire services. In De Cavaliere in Helmond, a quarter of new tenants are key workers. This last apartment complex was also completed in 2023. Vesteda’s leasing and marketing efforts to attract more tenants in social professions this year are paying off.

Pilot in Amsterdam
Last year, Vesteda launched a pilot project in Amsterdam. From 1 January 2022, Vesteda gave priority to candidates working in key social professions in the allocation of affordable housing in the Midden Akerveldsepolder neighbourhood of Amsterdam Nieuw West. Local residents were enthusiastic about this pilot and it has since become our standard policy in this Amsterdam neighbourhood.

Priority for key workers in new-build complexes
In 2023, Vesteda made approaching and selecting key workers one of its priorities when leasing new-build complexes. Vesteda believes it is important for nurses, teachers, firefighters and police officers to (continue to) live in their own city. Following the completion of the new-build complexes in The Hague and Helmond, Vesteda has one more complex due to be completed in November this year where key workers will be given priority: The Ox in Amsterdam.

Candidates in a social profession must register for a property via the complex’s rental website and provide relevant documents, such as a permanent employment contract, or a temporary contract for at least one year, of at least 28 hours per week. Of course, they also have to meet the income criteria for these apartments. A structural irregular hours allowance counts in full when we calculate someone’s monthly gross income.