Vesteda to provide residential portfolio with sustainability certificates within a year

Vesteda's ambition is to be a leader in sustainable living. Vesteda is now one of the top five European sustainable residential real estate funds. In addition to a responsible, sustainable investment portfolio, sustainable living also includes managing and renting high-quality, healthy homes. The introduction of the new 'BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential guideline’ means Vesteda can now certify its entire residential portfolio. Based on the first baseline measurements in 2022, Vesteda will be able improve the performance of these homes even further in the coming years.

New certification method

Stephan de Bie, Sustainability Programme Manager at Vesteda, was involved from the outset in the development of the new BREEAM-NL In-Use Residential guideline: "We didn’t see obtaining sustainability certificates for our homes as a goal in itself. Plus, we felt that there was still no suitable, independent certification method for our residential portfolio. Until last year, we worked with the Dutch Green Building Council to set up a new method. Now we will use that method to certify our houses and apartment complexes in one go this year. The certification process takes place in three steps. It starts with a quick scan, then a deeper analysis with an audit, followed by the actual certification. This methodology also gives us the opportunity to benchmark the performance of our homes against other homes and against the desired level of sustainability, which creates good opportunities to further improve the living conditions of our tenants. This will help us to continue to work towards our ambition to be a leader in sustainable living."

Nationwide baseline measurement

Vesteda asked CFP Green Buildings and Longevity to determine the sustainability performance of nearly 28,000 homes and to provide them with a sustainability certificate. From early May until the end of October 2022, inspectors from this organisation will conduct the nationwide baseline measurement. The inspectors will look at the exterior of the homes from the street and, for a representative sample, a number of homes per complex will actually be inspected from the inside. Of  course, we will ask the residents of these homes for permission to enter their homes in advance.