Amersfoort tenants give sustainability improvements to homes a score of 8.5

Residential developer BAM Wonen has successfully completed the Schuilenburg sustainability project in Amersfoort. The energy-saving measures will reduce annual gas consumption by 102,000 m3, cutting CO2 emissions by some 300,000 kilos. BAM Wonen also carried out maintenance work on the homes dating from the late 1960s. BAM used grey-coloured Keralit cladding for the breastwork of the front and rear facades, which matches the original architecture. This and the new roof tiles, downspouts and gutters and repairs to grouting and masonry has created a whole new streetscape in Schuilenburg.

For us, Schuilenburg serves as a great example of a sustainability project with additional focus on circularity, in addition to improving the living comfort of our tenants, says Vesteda's engineering specialist Paul Ingram. "We and BAM Wonen have worked in this project with the KLUS building materials recycler and Kringloop (recycling) Center Amersfoort-Leusden. As a result, both the hardwood doors and the hinged windows, as well as the surplus household goods, have all been given a second life through these local recycling companies."

Vesteda's technical coordinator, Jeffrey Wools adds: "In addition to aesthetic modifications, we applied various energy-saving measures, such as insulating roof exteriors, installing cavity wall insulation and ground insulation. We also installed new PVC window frames with HR++ glass and six solar panels per house. Thanks to these measures, the houses are better insulated and damp and draughts are now a thing of the past. We managed to improve the energy labels of these homes from D/E to A. For the residents, this means more living comfort and lower energy consumption."

Anouk Mulder, project leader for renovation concepts at BAM Wonen, is very enthusiastic about the collaboration with Vesteda: "The expectations of both companies were crystal clear right from the start. This led to a great result in Schuilenburg. And the residents are happy with their sustainable homes. They gave the improvements an average score of 8.5. And the neighbourhood animals are also satisfied: birds have already moved into the first nesting boxes. In consultation with Dutch bird protection society Vogelbescherming, we have installed dozens of permanent boxes for house sparrows, swifts and bats in the end walls of the houses in the Schuilenburg neighbourhood.