Customer satisfaction Vesteda tenants increased

Vesteda improved its scores on practically every front in this year’s annual Customeyes tenant satisfaction survey. The general satisfaction of our tenants improved to 7.1 from 6.8 last year.

In addition to general satisfaction, the Customeyes survey asks tenants about their satisfaction with their homes and their living environment. Tenants were positive on Vesteda’s homes and living environment and also on the service we provide. All our scores were higher than in 2019 and came in at or higher than the benchmark with this year’s other participants.

Focus on sustainability

One of Vesteda’s main priorities in recent years has been improving the sustainability of its homes and our ambition is to get green energy labels for 99% of our homes by 2024. It appears that tenants appreciate our efforts on this front, as this year saw a sharp improvement in their score for the energy use in their homes.

Complaints and repairs

Tenants are less satisfied with how we handle complaints and repairs, but they were very positive on the employees involved in these processes. One of our current focus points is improving the internal process for dealing with complaints and repairs. Tenants rewarded our repair staff for their friendliness.


Independent customer research firm Customeyes conducts this tenant satisfaction survey every year in September and October. Vesteda wants to be the best landlord in the Netherlands and each year this survey shows us whether we are on the right track. Customeyes makes a representative selection from our tenant pool and invites 6,500 tenants to participate in this survey. More than 44% of those selected actually took part. This high response rate shows just how engaged our tenants are. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our tenants for taking the time to express their opinions.