Festive start of construction on ‘Frank is een Binck’ in The Hague

Construction firm Stebru has started on the construction of ‘Frank is een Binck’, a mixed-use new-build project for Vesteda, combining living, working and hospitality. On 16 May, the festive placement of the first column of the Van Klingeren Pavilion marked the start of construction work.

Stebru developed and is realising the project in close cooperation with Studio Leon Thier and HVE Architects. The new building complex will consist of 205 apartments: 30% social, 20% mid-segment, 50% private sector and over 4,500 m2 of commercial space.

The apartments offer a living area of between 48 m2 and 86 m2, with an average of 68 m2. The apartments will be handed over to Vesteda in the third quarter of 2024, after which leasing will begin. The complex also includes space for bars and restaurants. These will be realised along the water of the Binckhaven wharf and in the free-standing Van Klingeren Pavilion. This pavilion was designed in the 1970s by Frank van Klingeren, to whom the project owes its special name. 

Pieter Knauff, chief investment officer Vesteda

Frank is een Binck will be a unique place in the heart of the new Binckhorst district. It will combine living, working, meeting, relaxing, eating and drinking, all of which will complement each other. This will be prove of enormous added value to the social cohesion within the building and the connection between the project and its immediate surroundings.

Pieter Knauff, chief investment officer Vesteda