Seada van den Herik appointed to Vesteda’s Supervisory Committee

Vesteda’s Extraordinary Meeting of Participants today approved the appointment of Mrs. S.N. (Seada) van den Herik as a member of Vesteda’s Supervisory Committee.

With the appointment of Mrs. Van den Herik, the Supervisory Committee gains a member with a proven track record in various executive positions, most recently as CEO of Zwitserleven and statutory director of Vivat. Mrs. Van den Herik is a manager who has proven her ability to direct large and complicated change processes on all fronts and steer them in the right direction. Before joining Zwitserleven in 2005, Mrs. Van den Herik was a consultant at accountancy firms KPMG and Deloitte.

Mrs. Van den Herik has been appointed with immediate effect for a period of four years. Her membership of the Supervisory Committee may be extended no more than once for the same period of four years.

Following the appointment of Mrs. Van den Herik, the Supervisory Committee of Vesteda consists of five members: Mr. C.A.M (Kees) de Boo (chairman), Mr. J.A. (John) de Die, Mr. P.J.W.G. (Peter) Kok, Mr. M.M. (Maarten) de Groof and Mrs. S.N. (Seada) van den Herik. Taking into consideration the departure of Mr. De Boo in May 2016, the committee currently has one vacancy to be filled in the near future.

About Vesteda

About Vesteda

Vesteda is a residential investor and landlord that focuses on sustainable and affordable homes in the mid rental segment. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. The portfolio consists of nearly 28,000 residential units with a total value of 9 billion euro. The homes are mainly located in economically strong regions and core urban areas in the Netherlands.