Vesteda advises against the use of rental websites

Several internet platforms that list Vesteda’s rental properties appear to be misleading home seekers with inaccurate and incomplete information. The rental homes on offer are generated by search bots and are often no longer up-to-date or available. These intermediaries give the impression that home seekers pay a one-off 'registration fee', but the small print in the terms and conditions reveals that this is often an ongoing subscription. The intermediaries have no relationship with Vesteda, nor do they make direct contact with our letting department. E-mails from home seekers are frequently forwarded to our general e-mail address, while the property involved is no longer available. Vesteda therefore advises home seekers to not use such websites. Home seekers can register for free on our website and the websites of other reliable landlords.

Increased activity
The Dutch consumers association (Consumentenbond) investigated several websites of rental intermediaries in 2020, but Vesteda’s rental department has noticed a major uptick in the activity of rental intermediaries in recent weeks. Our rental department receives dozens of automatically forwarded emails from home seekers every day. The number of emails has risen to more than 500 in just two weeks. These emails disappear from view because emails sent through rental intermediaries automatically end up in the spam filter of the rental department’s mailbox. Searching for a rental property through a rental intermediary costs (registration) money, but because of this delivers nothing.

Free registration with Vesteda
Unlike rental agency websites, home seekers can register for free at vesteda.com. The supply of rental accommodation on Vesteda’s website is always up-to-date, with recent images and a detailed description of the accommodation, the residential complex and the surroundings. Vesteda owns, manages and lets over 27,500 homes in the mid-rental segment. The average rent is just over EUR 1,000 per month.