Vesteda and Regenboog Groep collaborate in ‘Onder de Pannen’ project

Vesteda recently signed a covenant with social organisation the Regenboog Groep, which makes it possible for Vesteda tenants in Amsterdam and Amstelveen to sublet a room in their rental homes to people made homeless die to their economic situation. This is aimed at people suddenly made homeless, for instance due to bankruptcy, divorce or the loss of their job, a time when it can be very difficult to find the peace they need to get their lives back together. The ‘Onder de Pannen’ project offers  people who have been made homeless due to their economic situation temporary shelter with fellow city residents who have a room available in their homes.

The ‘Onder de Pannen’ project is an initiative of the Regenboog Groep in cooperation with Amsterdam city council’s Work, Participation and Income service. Vesteda tenants are contractually prohibited from subletting all or part of their rental homes. However, due to the social importance of this initiative, Vesteda will make an exception for any of its Amsterdam and Amstelveen tenants who want to sublet a room via the ‘Onder de Pannen’ initiative.

Subletting a room to a homeless person is subject to a maximum period of one year. This is because the participants in the ‘Onder de Pannen’ project are expected to proactively search for independent living space. This encourages people to move on with their lives and after a period of one year the Vesteda tenant can perhaps sublet the room to another person made homeless due to their economic situation.

For more information on this initiative (in Dutch), please visit the  ‘Onder de Pannen’ website.