Vesteda and Zonneplan continue their cooperation: almost 10.000 solar panels a year

On 7 December, Zonneplan installed 4,000th solar panel of the year on the roof of a rental home in Krommenie. This meant Vesteda had achieved its annual target of an average of 4,000 solar panels per year. In 2023, Vesteda has more than doubled its annual target, setting a new target to install around 9,600 solar panels per year. Over the next five years, this will see 1,200 homes fitted with an average of eight panels each year. It is currently not possible to install more due to available capacity,  lead times and delivery times. Eventually, all of Vesteda's suitable houses should be able to generate their own electricity.

Free solar panels for tenants
All our residents who have had free solar panels installed have responded enthusiastically. Which is hardly surprising, as they are not required to make a financial contribution and the entire proceeds from the solar panels go to our tenants. However, tenants must give their consent before solar panels can be installed on the roof of their rental property.

Annual planning 2023
In 2023, the Mijndenhof complex in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, the Griffensteijn complex in Zeist and the Ittersumerlande I complex in Zwolle will be the first to be fitted with solar panels. Work in Amsterdam started after almost all tenants gave Vesteda their permission to install solar panels. Other complexes will be gradually fitted with solar panels during the course of the year.