Vesteda in top three most sustainable companies - MT500

The online platform MT-Sprout conducts an annual survey of the companies with the best reputation among other entrepreneurs, managers and directors. This survey results in the annual MT500, a list of the 500 companies with the best reputation among corporate decision makers. Vesteda came in an excellent third in the top 25 most sustainable companies in the Netherlands, right behind nature conservancy organisation Staatsbosbeheer and Triodos Bank. Stephan de Bie, sustainability programme manager, is proud of the result: “This is a wonderful appreciation for all our efforts and it is great to see that these efforts are also recognised by other organisations.”

This year’s reputation survey, with 4,662 respondents, was conducted for the 21st time by the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (University of Amsterdam). The respondents were asked to name their top three most admired companies. They assessed these top three companies on the basis of five aspects: client focus, product leadership, excellent execution, being a good employer and sustainability. This last aspect was included in the survey for the first time last year.

Real estate service providers

The survey has a number of sub-categories. Vesteda’s reputation was cited in the ‘Real estate service providers’ sub-category. Respondents can assign scores from one to five stars in the above-mentioned five categories. We were given the following scores in our sub-category:

  • Client focus: four stars (5th position)
  • Product leadership: five stars (1st position)
  • Excellent execution: four stars (4th position)
  • Being a good employer: four stars (2nd position)
  • Sustainability: five stars (1st position)

In addition to Vesteda, housing corporations De Alliantie and Woonbron also scored a top five position on these aspects in the ‘Real estate service providers’ sub-category.