Vesteda is also testing Amsterdam rental homes for lead

Vesteda owns 375 homes in Amsterdam built before 1960. As some of these properties could still have old lead pipes, we have approached residents to arrange an inspection visit. Testing for lead pipes is done on a home-by-home basis. Obviously, if we find lead, we will have the lead pipe replaced in consultation with the tenant.

Vesteda lets 28,000 homes in the Netherlands, around 2% of which were developed before 1960. Vesteda owns 375 of these properties in Amsterdam. The oldest homes from 1929 are on Olympiaplein (29) and Churchilllaan (170). The eight homes on President Kennedylaan were completed in 1939. And the building plans for the 168 houses on Surinameplein started in 1959.

Home by home

Vesteda has only owned the older rental homes for a few years. We do not know whether these homes still have lead pipes because they could have been removed during earlier renovations. So we have to test for lead pipes on a home-by-home basis. We have now completed testing for the possible presence of lead pipes in the houses on Surinameplein, and can confirm no lead water pipes have been found.