Vesteda signs up as social partner to National 4 and 5 May Fund

Vesteda has signed up to be a social partner to the National 4 and 5 May Fund for the next three years. The National Fund is an initiative of the National  4 and 5 May Committee and works with companies and other organisations to maintain and strengthen public support for the National Commemoration on 4 May and the National Celebration of Liberation Day on 5 May.

In the coming years, Vesteda wants to make an active contribution to 4 and 5 May and the ideas that are spread right across the Netherlands on those days. For example, Vesteda is actively working to prevent discrimination in the housing market and wants to continue to strengthen social cohesion in residential complexes and neighbourhoods.

Vesteda CEO Gertjan van der Baan: “For a very long time, lots of people felt that freedom was something we could take for granted, but we now know that this is not the case. We want to support the National 4 and 5 May Committee in their mission to make even more people aware of the value of freedom and peace.”

Free on 5 May

The Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day on 5 May. At Vesteda, 5 May is an official day off, so employees can celebrate freedom, for example by visiting a Liberation Day Festival or participating in a Freedom Meal.

Organising a Freedom Meal

A Freedom Meal is designed to open a discussion with each other on freedom, democracy, discrimination and human rights. We help our 100 tenant organisations to organise Freedom Meals for residents in their housing complexes. We believe it is important that residents in a complex can meet each other, as this helps create a sense of community and togetherness.

More information?

The 4en5mei.nl website offers more information on how to organise a Freedom Meal. Vesteda tenant organisations can still apply for a financial contribution to organise a Freedom Meal. If you are interested, please contact Cesar Pasmans for more information.