Vibrations in Willemstoren possibly caused by festival

On Friday, 5th of May, around the clock of 8.30 pm several tenants in the Willemstoren (Rotterdam) felt vibrations in the building. Vesteda took care of her tenants. Around 0.30 am all tenants could return home safely, after a thorough investigation by Bouw- en Woningtoezicht. 

On Monday, 8th of May, the investigation off the building continued. The building has no cracks and the conclusion of the investigation is that the construction, and therefore the building, is safe. Unfortunately, Bouw- en Woningtoezicht wasn’t able to determine the cause of the vibrations yet. Although evidence is lacking, the cause could be found in the sound waves of Friday night's music festival. The Houtlaan would then have acted as a funnel, until the sound waves collided with the back of Willemstoren.

In order to gain more certainty about the possible cause, a number of vibration meters will be installed in the Willemstoren. Should new vibrations occur, they will be registered. All technical installations will also be checked again.