Vesteda transfers all activities into one new head office in Amsterdam

Regional offices will be maintained

Vesteda plans to relocate the activities of its three main offices to one head office in Amsterdam. The move is foreseen for the first quarter of 2017.

The former head office in Maastricht and both locations in Amsterdam will be centralised in one new head office. Vesteda’s existing five regional offices will be maintained. The new head office is located on De Boelelaan in Amsterdam Buitenveldert, directly opposite the Zuidas business district. The office space is located on the lower floors of the completely renovated and recently completed apartment building De Boel. Vesteda’s total number of FTEs will remain practically the same, providing a solid basis for the planned growth of its portfolio.

Gertjan van der Baan, CEO Vesteda: "As a result of the closure of our office in Maastricht, we will unfortunately have to say goodbye to some of our valued colleagues. These are our colleagues who choose not to relocate to Amsterdam. This is could involve more than 60 employees. However, we see the transfer of all our activities to one office as an essential step towards further improving our services and achieving our growth objectives.”

Before the plans come to a final decision, the Works Council will be asked to provide their advice.

About Vesteda

About Vesteda

Vesteda is a residential investor and landlord that focuses on sustainable and affordable homes in the mid rental segment. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. The portfolio consists of nearly 28,000 residential units with a total value of 9 billion euro. The homes are mainly located in economically strong regions and core urban areas in the Netherlands.