Vogelbescherming and Vesteda renew alliance for a green living environment

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds -Vogelbescherming Nederland- and Vesteda today renewed their existing alliance. The two organisations have been working together since October 2018 to improve the immediate living environment of residents and local birds. They signed the new agreement at the House of Bird restaurant in Amsterdam’s Diemerbos forest. 

Basis of the alliance
Vesteda and Vogelbescherming share a mission, which forms the basis of their alliance: nature-inclusive building as the norm, making sure nature is enhanced in places where homes are built or renovated. The common goal is to add as much greenery and amenities for birds and bats as possible to people's living environments. 

Green living environment 
By constructing green roofs, building in nesting stones and greening the surroundings, birds and other animals, such as bats, butterflies and bees, will get their living environment back in urban environments. Vesteda and Vogelbescherming want to inspire other parties in the real estate industry by renewing their alliance. Another joint goal is to raise tenant awareness. For example, new Vesteda tenants receive a bird-friendly welcome package and Vesteda tenants are invited to join a bird-watching excursion.